A Unique Fusion of Art and Dining at Tarte X Wangsa

Art exhibitions are a common sight in museums and galleries around the world. However, Tarte X Wangsa has created a truly unique experience by seamlessly blending art appreciation with delectable dining and a cozy ambiance.

Tarte, an online art gallery, teamed up with the Wangsa restaurant to host a two-month-long collective art exhibition titled “Tarte X Wangsa: A Color Play.” This captivating exhibition features 32 paintings created by 27 emerging artists.

A Colorful Fusion

The theme of “A Color Play” ingeniously combines the vibrant and diverse colors found in the artists’ paintings with the monochromatic and tranquil ambiance of Wangsa’s interior, which includes elements inspired by rocks and stones. This artistic collaboration results in a striking contrast that aims to reflect the emotions and thoughts of the artists while providing a serene setting within Wangsa.

Fostering Artistic Growth

Tarte expressed gratitude for the unwavering support of Wangsa in making this exhibition a reality. The collaboration between Tarte and Wangsa exemplifies how both are on a journey of growth. They share the belief that all forms of art, including paintings, deserve to find their admirers.

Kat, co-founder of Tarte, shared her thoughts on this collaboration, stating, “Wangsa has been incredibly supportive from the beginning, helping us make this exhibition happen. We are like collaborating artists, all growing together. Our aspiration when Steph and I founded Tarte was that all forms of art deserve to have their admirers.”

Kevin Prabowo, Founder & CEO of PT Wangsa Sequoia Group, echoed the sentiment, stating, “Wangsa is still relatively new, like a blank canvas. So, we are open to working and collaborating with various parties. Let’s paint together at Wangsa.”

A Feast for the Senses

The exhibition comprises 32 artworks created by 27 talented artists and will be open for two months, running from September 9th to November 9th, 2023. Visitors to the exhibition have the opportunity to purchase any of the displayed artworks by simply scanning the barcode on the respective piece. Prices vary, ensuring that art remains accessible and affordable to a wide range of individuals, with pieces starting at IDR 1,500,000.

In a statement that embodies their commitment to art accessibility, Kat emphasized, “For us, art, including paintings, should be accessible and attainable for everyone.”

Location and Operation Hours

Wangsa Eatery is situated in Kemang, specifically at Jalan Kemang Utara No.15, South Jakarta. It operates from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM (WIB), providing a welcoming and artful dining experience for all who visit.

This unique blend of art and dining at Tarte X Wangsa offers art enthusiasts and food lovers alike an opportunity to savor the beauty of art while indulging in culinary delights, all within the serene confines of Wangsa’s inviting space. It’s an experience that stimulates the senses and nourishes the soul.